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Alexander, Lyta: Female, known Rating P5, former Psi Corps member, rogue
Basement: The latent's dorm within Teeptown
Bester, Alfred: Male, Rating P12, Psi Cop

Black Omega Squadron: Psi Corps elite starfury fighters
Black Omega Starfury: Starfury flown by members of the Black Omega Squadron
Blip: Telepaths that do not want to join Psi Corps and run away
-Type A Blip: Considered to be less dangerous; could be shown the truth, saved, reeducated and end up a useful member of the Corps
-Type B Blip:
-Type C Blip: Socipaths, a born criminal used to abuse his powers; hardly to be reeducated
Bloodhounds: Accompany Psi Cops on their hunt; ratings last from P10 to P12
Bloop: That means that your blocks are leaking
Bureau 13: Secret force within Psi Corps; said to be experimenting with low-rated telepaths to extent their abilities
Busybody: Commercial teeps
Byron: Male, Rating P12, former Psi Cop, rogue

Cadre: Children that grow up within the corps live in cadres; they live in cadre houses according to their age (0-3, 3-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20)
Cadre house: Each house contains different cadres (cadre prime, cadre secundus, cadre tertius...)
Cadre Prime: The Powers of most children do not bloom until they are elven, twelve or older. Only five percent manifest before puberty. Most children in cadre prime manifested almost as they were born.
'Cast, to: To mindcast means to send a telepathic message
Cops 'n' Blips: Game played by children within the Corps. Comparable to



Gloves: Every member of the Corps wears gloves
Glyph: To glyph, or a glyph, means that you send pictures telepathically
Gray, Harriman: Male, Rating P10, Psi Corps member

Grins: Their real name is 'monitors'; they wear masks made of smooth plastic, with no visible openings for eyes, nose or mouth, but they could display images. The icons were usually simple: a bright yellow grin appeared when they brought awards, medals or presents; a threatening, downturned mouth when they came to correct or punish. The children learn when they leave the cadres for Minor Academy that the Grins are their teachers, all the adults they know within the Corps.
Gripper, the: Nickname for William Karges
Hunting List: A list of all blips and rogues; who is put on that list will be hunted by all Psi Cops
Ironheart, Jason: Became as a result of Bureau 13 experiments a new lifeform of unknown abilities

Karges, William: While he was the bodyguard of President Robinson he saved her live. Because of his telepathic abilities he was able to stop an assassin. To reward him, the President founded Psi Corps.

Late bloomer: (-> Later)
Latent: People that's psi abilities havn't manifested yet
Later: Telepaths that get their abilities during puberty
Major Academy: Entered at the age of 15
Mant: Some kind of poem, but only viewable to telepaths because it is pictured in mind
Metapol: The police of Psi Corps; its members are called Psi Cops
Mindcast, to: To send a telepathic message
Minor Academy: Entered at the of age of 12
Mundane: The way telepaths call normals

Normal: People without any telepathic or telekinetic abilities

Pledge, the: "I pledge my body, heart, soul and mind to the service of Earth Alliance, and the people who dwell on her myriad spheres. I promise to keep the laws, to keep the faith, to keep my eyes on the truth. I pledge to serve my comrades, my cadre, and the Corps. The Corps teaches, guides, and provides. The Corps is mother, the Corps is father. We are the children of the Corps." Children from the cadres learn this pledge.
PPG: Weapon, Phased Plasma Gun; carried by Psi Cops
Psi Cop: Psi Corps Policemen; have to be P12 since they hunt down rogues and blips; can be identified by their black uniforms
P'see: To see with your mind

P'hear: To hear with your mind


Rogues: Same as Blips, but they are considered to be violent and dangerous

Teek: Short for Telekinetic
Teep: Short for Telepath
Teeptown: City near Earthdome (Geneva); only for Psi Corps members
Trakker, John: "John Trakker, Psi Cop" is the title of a vid produced by Psi Corps about the adventures of a Psi Cop. Every week he leads captured rogues off to be reeducated into productive citizens. And, of course, he shows how stupid Blips really are.



Winters, Talia: Female, Rating P6, Psi Corps member



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